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SNEAKY BIG Staff / 10.21.2020

When it comes to the upcoming election, it’s never been more important – and difficult – to get political messaging in front of your constituents. The media landscape is as congested as Los Angeles traffic during rush hour, making it hard to be heard above the noise. And because of COVID-19, many candidates are struggling to replace their in-person campaigning opportunities with safe, virtual ones. That’s where SNEAKY BIG comes into play.

Since SNEAKY BIG has an entire suite of production services in house – from live remote and virtual sets to audio, video and post-production – our facility is a one-stop-shop for everything you could possibly need for political production. And you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that our team abides by CDC-compliant procedures to keep you and your staff safe. Read on to learn more about the different services and opportunities available at SNEAKY BIG for your political campaign.


There are many situations that may upon occasion going live during the voting season. From a live interview on a news station to hosting a live event with your constituents, it’s important to be able to go live without losing signal or compromising the quality of the video/audio. Take advantage of our on-demand, live broadcast technology to get the job done effectively.

SNEAKY BIG can connect with any network in the country for high-definition live shots and webcasting, junket live streaming and press conferences. And you can either do it from our in-house production studio or at home with one of our newly offered at-home production packages.

Nancy Tengler – Chief Investment Officer at Laffer Tengler Investments – is a regular interviewee on national news. She comes to SNEAKY BIG for her live remote interview on CNBC’s “Closing Bell.”

Images courtesy of Nancy Tengler


Compelling and high-quality video is paramount to standing out in crowded media landscapes. But so many elements of political campaigns, from town halls and meet-ups to debates, are on hold right now because of COVID. Enter virtual sets!

Virtual sets created by SNEAKY BIG Animations are the key to safe, interactive video. Let’s use a political debate as an example. You can have both candidates safely in different locations but have their video stream pulled into the same virtual set with SNEAKY BIG live remote technology. We are doing this right now for “The Judge Jerry Show.” You see multiple people on the screen at any given time, but they are physically located in multiple, different states. That is the power and safety afforded by our virtual sets and remote technology.


Along with these exciting virtual opportunities, we also have more traditional options for political campaigns as well with our full-service video and audio production studio. With our two sound stages, a recording studio, top-of-the-line equipment, full-service Post-Production Services and passionate, talented staff, you have everything you need in house to create high-quality video and audio storytelling to reach potential voters.

Check out some recent examples of our production work.


Since the show must go on, we do everything in our power to make sure we are keeping our clients, cast and crew safe during production. Some of these measures include mandatory temperature checks when entering our facility and social distancing measures during shoots. Learn more about our safety efforts in our CDC-compliant Production Practices blog.

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