Virtual Sets

Virtual Sets

At SNEAKY BIG, we have are here to help make your vision become a reality. Although our studio is equipped with tons of equipment, one of the most notable features is our virtual set. What is a virtual set you may ask? We’ll clear that up below.

Virtual sets are essentially a studio set that can use real people in computer-generated scenarios. There are several benefits to using a virtual set, which is why we adapted the ability to utilize them at our studio. By doing so, we can create a scene for your viewers that appears to be the real thing, when it is in fact, computer-generated. For example, the Alliance of American Football (AAF) was a project where we created a virtual set, but that wasn’t all. We were also able to create this virtual set and produce the show for live television. This was only one of our projects where the virtual set was used, but it highlights our ability to adapt and adjust to a client’s needs.

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At SNEAKY BIG, our virtual set is located on Stage 1, which is 4,000 square feet with loading doors large enough to accommodate a semi-truck, as well as a plethora of equipment that can be used for your production. Our highly-skilled team is here to help make your dream become a reality. To learn more about our virtual set, or any other questions you may have about our studio, Contact Us using the form below.

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