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  • Fully Customizable Virtual Sets
  • Real-Time Compositing
  • Live Switch Multi-Camera
  • Tracking Technology

Most technologically advanced studio in the Southwest!

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Welcome to SNEAKY BIG Studios

Welcome To SNEAKY BIG, A Full-Service Production Company

SNEAKY BIG is where creativity, technology and people come together to bring your vision to life. 

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona and encompassing more than 15,000 square feet, SNEAKY BIG is one of the most extensive and technologically advanced production facilities in the nation, especially when it comes to virtual reality.

Our onsite 3D graphic capabilities and Unreal Engine technology help us create customized, hyper-realistic virtual backgrounds. This makes it possible to incorporate … well, just about anything you want into your dream set design. This technology ­– paired with our StarTracker multi-camera system – makes us one of the most highly optimized facilities in the country for this service. We are one of THE ONLY studios in the U.S. offering clients advanced, multi-camera virtual set technology.

SNEAKY BIG encompasses two sound stages, a versatile loft, state-of-the-art control and audio control rooms, fully integrated facilities and a dedicated team of experienced producers, engineers and specialists at the ready for you and your project.



Production Services

Original Productions – Pilots to Original Series

Live Broadcast – Live Shots to Live Sports

Corporate/Government – Events, Videos & Webcasts

Branded Video Content

Nationwide Field Production

Recording Sessions & Voice Overs

Audio & Video Podcasts

White Label Productions

Motion Graphics

Virtual Set Design

3D Projects

Graphic Packages

VFX & Compositing

Virtual Reality Production

Immersive Virtual Sets

Full-scale Virtual Reality Productions



Color Correction & Grading

Audio Editing & Sound Mixing

Motion Graphics

DIT & Media Management

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