CDC-Compliant Production Practices

SNEAKY BIG Staff / 7.15.2020

As the world adjusts to “the new normal” during the COVID-19 pandemic, those in the video production industry also find themselves needing to pivot in the ways they create content and host productions. At our full-service video production studio in Scottsdale, we are using an “inside out” approach as we change up our production practices.

Inside Out

For our team, compliance with CDC guidelines started with our internal team. SNEAKY BIG is equipped with the technology to work from home, allowing us to easily socially distance. We have virtual meetings, edit content remotely and transfer footage all around the world — all from the safety of our homes. We’ve even created at-home virtual sets to enable our clients to live broadcast from their homes, empowering even more people to stay safe while still staying in contact with their key audiences. (More on that below!)

Keep your audiences engaged – and your people safely home – by using our at-home virtual set kits.

Despite all of these great opportunities to socially distance, the world of production occasionally requires in-person gatherings – that’s where the “out” in our “inside-out” approach comes in. Read on to learn how we are implementing CDC-compliant practices for our video productions.

Know Before You Go

We want to keep our cast, crew and customers (our Three Cs) safe when they visit SNEAKY BIG, so we take the rules very seriously. When visiting our studio for a production, you will immediately have your temperature checked upon entering the building.

Masks are available at all Temperature Check Stations and are required to be worn when in close proximity to others. There are markings placed six feet apart throughout the studio to help give a visual aid for social distancing.

Disinfectant wipes are available for surfaces and equipment, while hand sanitizer stands are at the ready in multiple locations. Want to ride the elevator at SNEAKY BIG? There’s a max occupancy of one. Finally, crew members are required to keep their distance while operating cameras, setting up lighting, rendering graphics, and wiring connective. It’s a lot of effort to keep these practices in place, but we believe it’s worth it.

Embracing Tech Solutions

SNEAKY BIG has a number of tech solutions that make it possible to minimize in-person contact during the production process. Imagine that you have an interviewer in New York City and an interviewee in Los Angeles. We can design a virtual set for your production with programs like Unreal Engine and Brainstorm and then use our broadcast capabilities to pull footage from both parties into that set. With this set-up, you can make it look like they are chatting in the same room, while in reality, they are thousands of miles apart, safely at home.

A Recent Example

This CDC-compliant video production solution has become a popular option for our clients in the last few months. Among other production projects, we recently utilized it to key in talk show host Michael Wilbon for his Pardon The Interruption ESPN segments. Even in these trying times, SNEAKY BIG has been able to help produce content and we’re grateful to have these solutions available for our Three Cs.

The Future of Video Production

The “new normal” of video production is socially distant — and we have the facility, technology, and commitment to compliance to make that happen safely. Ready to get started?

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