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Innovative Production – Your Imagination Is The Limit With Virtual Events

SNEAKY BIG Staff / 1.21.2021

As the end of 2020 was approaching, America’s fastest-growing auto retailer – Carvana – was faced with a looming issue. It needed to figure out a way to transition its annual in-person holiday party online without the event losing any of the fun and excitement for employees. Enter SNEAKY BIG.

Carvana enlisted us to create, produce and package a 60-minute entertainment special titled CARVANAFEST2020, which married two big events the company executes each year: a customer appreciation event and a holiday party. The result brought thousands of Carvana team members and customers together for an exclusive online event unlike anything they had done before.

SNEAKY BIG was ideally suited as a production partner for this project because of our wide array of technology, know-how and capabilities, and our understanding of their brand values. The Carvana team had a creative vision for this show, talent already in the works, and were trusting our team to develop CARVANAFEST2020 into something truly unique. SNEAKY BIG directed and filmed acts at multiple Carvana locations around the country, handled all aspects of post-production and wrapped it all up by broadcasting the live stream on the day of the party. 

Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Production

When it came to both our creative approach and production strategy, we viewed this show a little differently than a traditional production. We had an obvious goal – to produce an entertaining and compelling show. But we also wanted this production to be more than simply a good time; we wanted it to reflect the brand values that make Carvana a tour de force in its industry.

Brand Values in Production

The trick with brand-centric content is to have a strong understanding of the brand’s DNA and values. So, we took a step back and asked ourselves, “What is it that makes this client special?” We realized that Carvana embodies three, key brand values:

  1. Innovation
  2. Forward Thinking
  3. Industry Disruption

Keeping these values in mind, we decided to push the envelope of a traditional show. Carvana is a disruptor so its holiday production should be one-of-a-kind, too.

Innovative Sets

When it comes to Carvana, one of the first things that come to mind is its iconic Car Vending Machines. The Carvana team wanted to make sure their most recognized brand asset was front and center, and knew the car towers would make the perfect stage for various acts of the holiday show. Zero Gravity Arts defied the laws of, well, gravity, by putting on a trampoline show inside of a Car Vending Machine tower; singer Big Boi got the crowd pumped by rapping some of his biggest hits while using his hometown Atlanta Car Vending Machine as a backdrop; and the Jabbawockeez dance troop delighted and amazed by dancing on and around Carvana car haulers. Incorporating true Carvana imagery into these awesome sets ensured that the brand’s innovation was front and center throughout the show. 

Mixing Elements

Due to COVID-19, the acts were filmed individually, in advance, but produced to look and feel like a live show. We knew that having everything pre-packaged could put us at risk for a stale, uninvolved experience for viewers. So, we mixed live elements with the packaged performances by providing attendees with the opportunity to join the broadcast itself via Zoom.

For example, what is a concert without a little dancing? Employees who opted in were featured rocking out to Big Boi’s beats, in real time during the live broadcast … all from the safety of their own home. A variety of awesome prizes were awarded out during the broadcast – including 21 cars given to deserving team members nominated by their peers – and the live Zoom videos of the winners’ reactions were also featured. These little touches took the holiday party from a one-dimensional show to an interactive experience.

Carvana employees tune in via Zoom for rapper Big Boi.

Telling Your Story

At SNEAKY BIG, we’re more than just producers or production partners – we’re storytellers. We love to work with clients to create, develop and produce content that aligns with their brands. 

“The best part about working with SNEAKY BIG was the collaboration and trust from start to finish. They took the time to understand our vision, culture and the importance of creating a show that was unique to us. CARVANAFEST2020 is a beloved tradition, and the challenges of a tight timeline and the need to leverage technology for a diverse and engaging show this year was met with mirrored enthusiasm from the SNEAKY BIG team. We had a blast working together, and were thrilled with the final result.” – Kelsey Herrett, Senior Manager, Brand Activation

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