Connect with Your Audiences Using At-home Virtual Sets

Fabio Apelbaum / 6.16.2020

During this pandemic, we are all pushing the limits to find creative ways to attract new business. At our full-service production studio in Scottsdale, one of these ways is to constantly research new ideas to make our vast suite of equipment and services more accessible in an age of social distancing.

This process has led us to an amazing solution – to make our virtual sets available to our customers as they stay in the safety of their own homes. People can be transported into a virtual set and run their live show by broadcasting or streaming on outputs such as Twitch. Or they can record their own show and then forward it to our Arizona post-production studio team for editing and further distribution.

The Value of the Solution

You may ask yourself, why is this solution important? As businesses and organizations are scrambling to reach out to their audiences, you can utilize virtual sets to easily connect with your audiences in a professional way that will definitely stand out. And you can do so while remaining safely at home.

Here’s How it Works

Let’s say you have two people and you want them to interact with one another on screen – all without having them meet face to face. With our virtual sets, you can combine their individual small office spaces into a full-sized virtual set. You can insert the footage of them and make it look like they are sitting side by side behind a computer-generated table. They can interact with each other, make presentations and react to augmented reality objects. The sky’s the limit!

Solutions with Home Delivery

So, how can we bring this solution to you? To place you in the virtual set, we would provide you with a kit that includes a green screen and lighting that you can easily set up in just a few minutes. Then, running any conferencing software (such as Skype), you would connect to us, record your footage with a mobile device or camera linked to your computer … and then we take it from there. Easy!

The Wizard Behind the Curtain

Our virtual set designers at SNEAKY BIG use a combination of cutting-edge software to create our sets. They are first developed in Unreal Engine, which is the most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool. Once a design is complete, the Brainstorm Infinity Set is used to acquire all the control and the flexibility needed to add content to video walls, integrate augmented reality elements and, most importantly, control the cameras. The combination of these two programs, along with our state-of-the-art equipment, allows us to provide the highest end quality to any customer seeking this solution.

Virtual set created for Alliance of American Football

Continued Solutions for the Future

When we are once again encouraged to venture out of our homes, our full-service production studio offers in-house virtual set solutions, with a fully immersive green screen, our state-of-the-art control room and cameras installed with Red-Spy tracking system. Not familiar with Red-Spy technology? This tracking system allows us to move cameras around virtual sets with the highest precision in the market. Operating from within our 4,000-square-foot sound stage, we have plenty of flexibility when creating virtual sets using our four, fully equipped cameras.

Virtual Set created for Fiesta Bowl

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