LIVE BROADCAST – Live Shots to Live Sports

Go live at a moment’s notice with the help of SNEAKY BIG’s live broadcast capabilities. We can connect with any network in the country for high-definition live broadcasts for anything from live sports to live interviews, webcasting, press conferences and junket live streaming.

Our full-service capabilities provide a turn-key live broadcast solution that is both flexible and affordable – perfect for live or series productions.


Our in-house production studio provides two sound stages, a state-of-the-art control room and an audio control room. In addition, we house four Post-Production suites with the latest equipment for graphics, editing and color correction.


Our “At Home” productions enable live, centralized broadcasts via our remote broadcast systems. These are fully scalable to service multiple events at once.


Both our “At Home” and in-house live broadcasts streamline the production process. This provides you with meaningful cost savings when compared to a full-scale, on-location production team. Since we can cover multiple events at once and produce the feed from one location, you benefit from reduced travel and labor costs without sacrificing live event coverage.


We are distribution neutral, helping you maximize your media opportunities by distributing your content to more outlets. We make it easy to distribute your feed through fiber or web connectivity, which can lead to an increase in network pickup, viewership and ratings.

Let us take you live! Contact us today for a free quote.