How Gaming Is Your Key to Socialization

SNEAKY BIG Staff / 4.9.2020

Video games are more than just cool graphics, immersive storylines and endless explosions. They provide a platform for people to connect, catch up and create lasting memories with distant family and friends. According to a new study by ESA, video games help bring people together, as most gamers (65 percent) play with others or as part of an online community. Whether you’re a gaming god(dess) or new to the industry, here are a few of our top picks for playing with your pals.

For Your Gaming Console


Explore blocky, 3D worlds with eight of your closest friends on the world’s most popular video game. Basically a virtual Lego set on steroids, Minecraft allows players to search for raw materials and tools and construct impressive buildings, work with others to create cool structures or compete in a variety of fun mini-games. Whatever you decide, Minecraft is guaranteed to bust boredom for good.

Fortnite Battle Royale

The completely free online video game is perfect for playing with your pals. The newest version of the iconic series throws 100 players onto an island and leaves them to fight until only one remains. You can play solo; however, the fun-filled squad mode allows players to team up and explore islands, build forts, sailboats and compete for the winning title.

Rocket League

Rocket-powered cars playing soccer? Sign us up. Meet with your friends online, compose your teams and drive through flashy, multicolored arenas as you try to hit a ginormous soccer ball into the opposing team’s goal. Regardless if you’re a soccer fan or not, we guarantee you’ll be addicted after the first round.

For Your Smartphone

Words With Friends

One of the most popular mobile games ever, Words With Friends takes Scrabble to an all-new level with its strategic word puzzle games. Challenge family and friends or play with hundreds of others from around the world to see who earns the title of MASTER. Perfect for when you’re stuck at home, the app has a built-in chat feature to keep you connected with your crew.

Mario Kart Tour

A mobile version of the addictive, fast-paced racing game, Mario Kart Tour lets players choose from a roster of classic Nintendo characters and compete on various tracks. Race against up to seven of your friends on the all-new multiplayer mode.

Brawl Stars

From the creators of the hit game Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars is guaranteed to become your gang’s newest hobby. Team up with your friends and compete in various fast-paced game modes including soccer, football and battle royale.

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