Virtual reality is the future of production. Leaps and bounds beyond the 2D green screen shoots of yesteryears, SNEAKY BIG offers custom, 3D virtual sets that give audiences an immersive viewing experience that will make your production stand out from the competition.


Once you understand the advantages of virtual productions over traditional ones, you’ll never want to go back. No longer do you have to wait until Post-Production to see the virtual environment you are shooting in, since you can see the virtual set in real time. You can change set locations and positions without having to reset lighting or cameras, allowing producers to shoot multiple locations without ever leaving the sound stage. This solution works whether you are producing for the small screen (television, commercials and corporate videos) or the big screen.

Forget the construction costs and hassle of dealing with a physical set and instead focus on creating an impressive virtual set for a fraction of the cost.

VIRTUAL vs. Physical SETS

There are many inherent advantages in working with a virtual set over a physical one:

  • No high construction charges for storage fees and the ability to create content remotely decrease the overall production spending
  • Virtual sets take a fraction of the time to create and update
  • Greater flexibility to create the set design you want, since there are no physical constraints present in the virtual world
  • Easily integrate limitless branding and sponsorship revenue opportunities
  • Real-time compositing results in reduced Post-Production costs
  • Pandemic-proof production solution, since large groups don’t need to gather in one location
  • Weatherproof – no production delays due to inclement weather


At SNEAKY BIG, our team of virtual set designers and motion graphic artists utilize Unreal Engine to create lifelike and immersive virtual sets.

When it comes time to begin filming, we can provide the entire staff to facilitate the production or send our VR specialist to assist your crew.

The first virtual reality studio of its kind in Arizona, SNEAKY BIG’s production facility is equipped with state-of-the-art, multi-camera technology utilizing five virtual engines with tracking technology, which allows for real-time compositing. This feature is especially key for remote productions since each player – from the director and producers to the actors and Post-Production team – can be located in different areas of the world and still see exactly what is happening at all times.

Take your productions to the next level by going virtual. Contact us today to get started!