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The Magic Behind ADR in Video Production

SNEAKY BIG Staff / 6.8.2021

Let’s face it, recording sound can be tricky, especially when you’re doing it during video production. If you’ve spent any time on a set, you know that capturing perfect audio can take a lot of time, energy and re-recording. And when you factor in the inevitable noise from staffers, generators and unexpected environmental sounds, the process only becomes more challenging.

When the best of efforts and intentions don’t pass muster, you then have to re-record and sync the audio in post-production, a painstaking process. Here at SNEAKY BIG, we offer the latest in audio technology – Automated Dialog Replacement, or ADR. Read on to see how we can help you reclaim your audio.

What is ADR?

Originally referred to as “looping,” ADR is the process of re-recording your audio in a quieter, more controlled environment, typically in a recording studio. Basically, an ADR session consists of an actor studying a scene while listening to the original audio track and then re-performing each line to match their lip movements.

With ADR as part of your post-production suite, producers and filmmakers are saving time, stress and the quality of their audio.

When to Use It?

There are several reasons producers choose to replace or edit their audio:

  • Noisy Locations: Let’s face it ­– if you end up shooting somewhere like Times Square, you’re going to have a noisy set.
  • Accents: Sometimes, the actor doesn’t quite use the right accent and a word or two has to be re-recorded. On the more dramatic side, some films have scores of line re-recorded because the test audience had a hard time understanding or simply didn’t like the accent used.
  • Performance Adjustment: When an actor is delivering a line in the moment, sometimes it totally works, only to have it feel a little off when the scene goes through post-production. With ADR, you can adjust the performance to fit the final product.
  • TV Versions: Depending on where films are being distributed, you may have to clean up the language a little (our favorite example is the very-obvious-dubbing of “Phooey” in the film “The Faculty”).

Whatever the reason may be, the SNEAKY BIG team is prepped and ready to help salvage your sound.


One of the nice things at SNEAKY BIG is that clients have the ability to send their scripts and footage to the studio ahead of time, making for a faster, more convenient process.

Whether you’re looking to edit a commercial, TV show, webcast, podcast, audiobook or radio spot, SNEAKY BIG can help turn your idea into reality. With two sound stages, a recording studio and top-of-the-line equipment, our team is ready to assist and deliver an outstanding final product. Interested in chatting? Contact us using the form below.

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