Our Favorite Arizona Podcasts

SNEAKY BIG Staff / 7.8.2020

Throughout the past couple of years, podcasts have become a staple in mainstream media. In fact, nearly one out of three people listen to at least one podcast every month, according to recent stats. While there are a variety of topics and series to choose from, there are a few Arizona-based podcasts guaranteed to spark some conversation. From Absolute Geek to Powerful Business, here are a few of our personal favorites.

Absolute Geek

This weekly podcast is centered around four, lifelong Phoenix-based nerds who discuss all things “geek culture.” From comics and movies to video games and television, Absolute Geek provides listeners an in-depth look into the vast world of pop culture and geek news. Guests have included some of the industry’s top writers, artists and actors including Supernatural’s Felicia Day, legendary comic book artist Neal Adams and DC Comics writers Scott Snyder and Tim Seeley.

Valley 101

From The Arizona Republic and AZCentral.com, Valley 101 is a community-driven podcast focused on the Phoenix metro area. Each week, journalists investigate listeners’ questions, comments and concerns ranging from upbeat stories to hard-hitting, investigative pieces. Whether you’re new to the area or a longtime resident, the podcast is guaranteed to deliver some unknown facts about the Valley.

Finding Arizona

Finding Arizona is a weekly podcast that sits down with local business owners and entrepreneurs to discuss their greatest goals, passions and motivators, while highlighting the diversity throughout Arizona. Guests have included locals from a variety of backgrounds and industries including hospitality, travel, health and fitness, food and beverage and many more. Through the show, the hosts work to form a community of passionate entrepreneurs and uncover the state’s hidden gems.

That Bitchin’ Real Estate Show

Not your average real estate podcast, That Bitchin’ Real Estate Show is here to have some serious fun. Hosted by longtime real estate expert Kimberly Tocco, A.K.A “TENACIOUS T,” the podcast reflects on Tocco’s time in the industry and all the “bitchin” people she has met over the years. Guests range from major league baseball players and local business owners to fellow realtors and motivational speakers. Trust us, you’ll want to give it a listen – we get to hear it each week during recording at our fully-equipped audio recording studio.

Powerful Business

Entrepreneur Candy Valentino discusses her diverse business ventures and growing nonprofit organization in the weekly podcast, Powerful Business. From branding and marketing strategies to navigating finances and recruiting tips, Valentino provides listeners practical business advice on how to best navigate the industry. Episodes feature a wide variety of guests from Valentino’s professional network to give viewers additional insight on how to conquer their goals and break through to the next level. In fact, our audio engineers even got some helpful tips when capturing the show’s audio in our Scottsdale-based production studio.

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