Editing Suite at SNEAKY BIG Studios

Editing Suites

The true magic happens after production is finished. Our extensive post-production space includes five editing suites, each appointed with the latest technology, editing software and a 55-inch 4K monitor. Each bay has a SilverDraft Demon Supercomputer with Adobe Premiere Pro and is connected to a WhisperRoom for soundproof narration and voiceover recording.

Color Correction Suite

This large, plush suite is ideal for color correction and project viewing for clients. This suite is loaded with a SilverDraft Demon Multi-Processor Supercomputer, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, 75-inch Sony Pro color calibrated monitor with gamma correction and 5.1 theater-quality surround sound with Genelec® speakers. Prepare to be dazzled.

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Additional Features

SilverDraft Demon Supercomputers in the Editing Suites

SilverDraft Demon Supercomputers

36 core computing power = speed, speed, speed!

Flanders Scientific in the Editing Suites

Flanders Scientific

4K color calibrated monitor for absolute accuracy.

Tangent Wave Element Tk Controller feature in the Editing Suites

Tangent Wave Element Tk Controller

Fully featured compact panel for maximum workspace efficiency.

DaVinci Resolve Color Correction and NLE System in the Editing Suites

DaVinci Resolve Color Correction and NLE System

Allowing for feature film level color correction.

Sony BVM X300 in the Editing Suites

Sony BVM X300

Professional 4K Video Monitor for precise color space rendering.

Leader Multi Waveform 4K Scope in the Editing Suites

Leader Multi Waveform 4K Scope

Mathematically precise color representation.

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